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7 Reasons to Use

1. Simple & quick to use
Create your budget in under 1 minute - straight out of the package!
2. Keeps track of where your money is going
By tracking where your money is being spent, you can identify "hidden" expenses that you might not have realized.
3. Prevents over spending
Because you carry your budget with you, you always know how much you can spend from your budget
4. Great for the entire family especially Beginners
Spendtracker can be used by all family members to collectively stick to a family budget & can also be great to teach your kids how to budget.
5. Flexible
Spendtracker captures 10 budget categories including 2 separate categories for outside of the normal budget purchases like vacation or work travel expenses
6. Small
Spendtracker is about the size of a credit card so it is small & thin enough to easily fit in your purse or wallet.
7. Inexpensive
For under $20 & no further costs, Spendtracker is much cheaper than expensive budget software that can retail for over $50.
Easily fits into your purse/wallet