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Hi! I’m Julie, the Inventor of Spendtracker.



Thank you for your consideration in purchasing SPENDTRACKER® - your first step in keeping track of what you spend.
I developed Spendtracker to help me stick to my Family’s budget. I wanted something that I could carry in my purse and use to keep track of my daily expenses while I was shopping. I really believed that if I could keep track of what I was spending, I would be better equipped in keeping to my budget. It worked!

SPENDTRACKER ® allows you to track expenses across 10 budget categories. The first eight categories being GROCERY, TRANSPORT, FAST FOOD, ENTERTAINMENT, PERSONAL, OTHER 1,OTHER 2 and BILLS. You can track all of these categories while keeping one Master Running Total of what you have spent.

In addition to these 8 categories, I have also included two ACCOUNT categories. These two categories allow you to track expenses outside of your regular expenses. These types of expenses could be business expenses, holiday expenses, a second credit/ debit card or expenses related to a special occasion like a wedding or a party. You can keep track of these expenses without affecting the master running total. This Product also comes with a replaceable battery.

At the beginning of each month I work out my budget and the date my budget finishes. I then allocate amounts for each of the above categories and enter them into my Spendtracker. I find the category OTHER 1 useful for keeping track of the birthday gifts I always seem to be buying throughout the month! I use Other 2 to keep track of my Children’s expenses like swimming lessons, piano lessons, books and those types of things.

I don’t set a budget for ACCOUNT 1 but I use it to keep a running total of all my business expenses. I recently used ACCOUNT 2 when we were on holiday. I had a tight budget that I didn’t want to blow. Spendtracker was a great tool in helping me stick to this budget.


I wish you great success in your personal budgeting!




Inventor, Spendtracker