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Saved $$$ with just 1 category!

"I had trouble sticking to a budget for all the coffees & snacks I was buying. So I bought the Spendtracker & just kept a budget for this under 1 category. WOW! In just one week, I realized actual savings of over $50 simply by sticking to what Spendtracker showed me - Thanks Julie!

-Laurel Irvine

An all cash budget

"We cut up our credit cards & needed a way to track our all our cash purchases by category. We tried online tools but using cash makes this impossible to categorize unless we write every purchase down. Spendtracker is the only effective & easy product we found that really works - thanks Julie!"

-Steve & Leanne Hicks

A great family budget saver

"I needed help not just for me but for my husband & 2 teenagers in sticking to a family budget. We all have our own Spendtracker & stick to our budget individually. As a family, we have had 4 x the savings & the kids now have learnt basic budgeting. Thank you!"

-Maria Pit

Budgeting made clear & simple

"Julie, congratulations on a great solution to tracking expenditure. I am a financial Planner, and most people don't realize what they spend or how to manage their money. Their emotions of wanting, get in the way of rational thinking. This product used properly goes a long way to controlling the emotional impact, that when reviewing expenditure, can bring change to bad habits. Once again, well done.

-Grahame Armstrong