What does the Spendtracker do?
The Spendtracker is a budget tool that keeps track of what you spend when you spend it & can track how much you have left to spend from a pre-set budget amount you enter.

How do I use the Spendtracker?
Use the Spendtracker anytime you make a purchase or are about to make a purchase to check your budget allowed for the purchase.

Who should use the Spendtracker?
Anyone who spends money! The Spendtracker is ideal for people wishing to reduce spending. Great for individuals, families, parents wanting to teach their children how to budget, seniors who have retired, anyone who want better control over their spending

What if I go over my Budget?
The Spendtracker keeps track of what you spend & should you decide to go over your budget, it will begin to keep a negative total to show you are over budget & by how much.

Is the Spendtracker easy to use?
Yes! As easy as taking it out of the package & immediately starting to track your spending in 3 easy steps (see How It Works section)

What budget categories can I track?
The Spendtracker tracks 8 categories as part of a Master Running total & 2 additional categories that can be used for spending outside of your normal budget like a vacation or business travel expenses.

How long does the battery last & is it replaceable?
If the Spendtracker is left on for more than 60 seconds, it will power off automatically. As the battery nears it expiry, a low battery warning ‘Lo Bat’ will appear on the LCD display during use. The battery should be replaced at the end of the current budget period otherwise your saved information will be lost. Please dispose of battery properly.

Does it interface with Internet?
Not at present. The Spendtracker does not require an internet connection, a PC or any software to operate. It is ready to use out of the package.

What if I enter a wrong amount?
There is an “UNDO” button that will revert back prior to the last transaction.

If I don’t already have a budget, can I still use the Spendtracker?
Yes. You can use the Spendtracker to track your spending over a period of time to figure out a budget. Once you analyze how you spend your money, you can create a budget using the Spendtracker Budget Worksheet located here

Why is the Spendtracker different to other budget programs like Quicken ® & Mint.com?
Simply, the main difference is the Spendtracker goes with you wherever you go meaning it will tell you, in real time, how much you have spent or have left to spend for a particular category anytime in seconds.

Where can I purchase the Spendtracker?
Currently the Spendtracker is available online – ORDER your Spendtracker NOW !

How is the Spendtracker different to a standard calculator?
The Spendtracker is not a calculator. It is a simple but powerful budget tool that keeps track of 10 categories of your spending.

Will the Spendtracker monitor how much I have left to spend from my budget?
Yes. You can monitor by one, many or all categories.

Can I edit my pre-set budget amounts?
– Yes. You have the ability to add to any of the budget categories by using the “ADD” button

Can I track Cash & Credit Cards spending?
Yes. Unlike other budget tools, the Spendtracker tracks by purchase whether you use cash or credit so you have one consolidated picture of your spending.

What time period does the Spendtracker use?
The Spendtracker is flexible so you decide whether you want a weekly, monthly or any other time frame. You just enter in the end date for the budget.