Mint Personal Finance App


Mint is the leading online personal finance service, providing nearly 20 million users an easy and intelligent way to manage their money. With Mint, you can see all of your accounts in one place, set budgets, track your bills, and find personalized savings – all for free.

  • Account personal financial money management tools while mobile
  • Enter multiple accounts account types; checking, property, vehicle, credit card, savings, investment, real estate, and credit score
  • Track your spending, create a budget, organize your financial life
  • Drill down granular with expenses

Mint Budget Tracker is a great app for connecting with, money management and expense tracking while mobile. The beauty in this app and online service is that it categorizes expenses for you and proactively offers recommendations for you to save money. So no more creating categories and applying amounts for it to add and chart your spending, simply by entering your online account information. In addition to recommending areas to save some cash, you can opt to receive notifications like balance and budget notifications.

Taking a look into the Settings menu offers Passcode security just to open the app (great for protected access to your financial information), deeper integration into the Android platform as you can enable search of Mint data for the Google search bar, view “Recent Transactions” from Live Folders, and data access via home screen widget.

See expenses at high level or drill down granular that allows entry of tags and notes. Sort expenses by categories, merchants, and dates.

I would think most of us could benefit personal financial management, especially tools that add ease and convenience plus a little discipline tips.

If you use services this app could easily get occasional to frequent use. The user interface is very intuitive, organized and easy to operate. Mint incorporates their brand and essence into the app.