You won’t budget unless it is simple and easy to do

Just like trying to lose weight, saving money can be an elusive goal. Studies show that the more complicated the process, the less likely someone will stick to the plan.

Budgeting is no different & there are countless books, software, & programs that promise budgeting nirvana but many of these fall down in their complexity to use. Complexity takes time to learn & time to use & in today’s world time is one of the most precious assets you have.

Finding a balance between spending time working on a budget to actually achieving positive financial results is the key. Most programs require either hours of reading, learning, set up or all of these activities & even then lots of upkeep to maintain & review progress.

The Spendtracker has a distinct advantage to other budget programs: you take it with you as you shop & with it, you can proactively manage what you decide to spend your budgeted money on.

This is a simple but powerful concept that removes any timing excuses as to when the budget was set to when the money was spent. Knowing how much you have in your budget by each of 10 separate categories when you are out shopping gives you the knowledge & power to eliminate overspending. The Spendtracker takes minutes to set up & seconds to use yet will give you complete & constant control of your money.

It is the simplest, most effective budget tool all for the cost of a few gallons of gas!! Order the spendtracker now & take back control of your spending.